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tv   The FOX Report With Shepard Smith  FOX News  November 22, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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>> there is a special for everything now. that's it for "special report" tonight. we are thankful for you. thanks for tuning in. i'm shannon bream. good night from washington. [chanting] >> both hamas and israel declare victory and life begins to get back to normal. but both sides warn they are ready to act if the cease-fire does not last. thanksgiving takes on new meaning after super storm sandy. >> one person needs help, another person is there to pick you up. >> it's not just about food. people are here to listen. >> tonight, giving thanks and giving back. and a deadly pileup causes chaos on a major highway. i'm greg jarrett in for shepard smith. more than 24 hours later, the
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cease-fire in the middle east is still holding. [horns and sirens] >> hamas military tans celebrating claiming they changed the game by avoiding an israeli invasion of gaza. israelis say they won by ending the hamas rocket attacks and weakening the militant group. each side is also mourning tonight in gaza city a funeral for a man killed in israeli air strike just before the cease-fire took effect. and the israeli military reporting a soldier died today after a rocket attack that also happened before the cease-fire. the second israeli soldier killed in the conflict. conor powell joins us live in jerusalem. connor, are things almost back to normal there in israel? >> well, greg, there are still a lot of tension. there is still a lot of fear here in israel. we are now entering the second day of this cease-fire and with each passing hour there really does seem to be the belief that this cease-fire
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may actually take hold so, yes, things are beginning to return to normal. shops and markets are beginning it reopen. particularly in southern israel which was hit very very hard. kids are expected to return to school over the next few days. and life is beginning to return to normal. there were even kids out playing for the first time outside after 8 days of violence and taking cover because of incoming rockets. so life is beginning to return to some type of normal. moving away from the gaza border. saw some evidence of bulldozers and vehicles carry troops into gaza if there was that offensive attack into gaza. those are beginning to leave that area. some of the 40,000 or so israeli reservists that were called up. they have begun to be we reissed and returning back to their civilian life so things are beginning to return to
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something of a normal life here in israel. there is still some real questions about what happens next. the israeli government is saying that this was a big win for the israeli military that they were able to inflict severe damage to hamas' leadership and end those rockets it s isn't clear what has changed here long term. >> what's the latest, gaza where conner claiming victory. >> thousand shandz of hamas supporters turned out and cheering. they claim this is a victory just as the israelis claim a victory as well. say this was a big win for them. the hamas leaders in gaza today held this valley. they said that because they were able to stand up to israel, that that was a win for them. but also because one of their big requests, one of their big demands over the past few years was the easing of sanctions and the blockade around gaza. that's part of this truce.
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that's part of this cease-fire agreement is over the course of the next few days and weeks that israel begins to loosen this blockade around gaza. so for the hamas and the palestinians gaza, this, too, is a real success. but, again as i said, it's not clear what's actually changed in terms of a long-term peace agreement here in israel and gaza, with the palestinians. nothing fundamentally has changed. one thing that will have to be addressed there is a lot to be rebuilt over the next few days, weeks and months because gaza city was hit particularly hard. a lot of damage done in southern israel. so right now that is a priority over the next few days, weeks, and months, greg? >> conor we are hearing word of an arrest in yesterday's terrible bus bombing in tel aviv. can you confirm that? >> israeli police have arrested arab israeli man. they have not released any other information on his name or age. he was tied to a terrorist cell base in the west bank.
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this attack that happened yesterday didn't kill anyone but it wounded more than 20 people in tel aviv it really did send shock waves through israel. this type of attack a suicide bombing attack used to be common in verizon. in tel aviv it has been stopped ever since the israeli government put up the barrier between the west bank and the rest of israel. but this attack yesterday in the heart of tel aviv did send shock waives through israel but police say they have arrested one man and they expect other arrests in the coming days, greg. >> conor powell live in jerusalem. conor, thanks very much. under this tenuous cease-fire agreement, it's really up to egypt to keep the peace between israel and hamas. but tonight, the egyptian president is under fire in his own country after what his opponents call a big power grab. steve harrigan has more from cairo. >> yeg, some dramatic developments here in cairo. egypt's president trying to expand his own powers
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dramatically, saying that any of his presidential decrees issued since he took office six months ago cannot be overturned by anybody, including the courts. and that those previous officials who could be implicated in murdering demonstrators during the revolution a year ago would be retried. as one morsey opponent put it, he is basically putting himself above the having no one to check his powers. we have seen street protests. those protests could grow dramatically with these new announcements by the egyptian president. it comes on the heels of a real diplomatic success in the world spotlight here. president morsey helping to negotiate a cease-fire between israel and hamas. really, making the unusual step of receiving praise from all sides from u.s. officials from hamas, even from some israeli officials for his pragmatism but certainly that imagine that tism in its own rule here could be put to the test almost immediately. with new decrees expanding his
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power, making him not subject to the courts and still a real question how that will sit with the egyptian people. gregg, back to you. >> steve harrigan in cairo, egypt. steve, thanks. jesse jackson jr. out of congress now but not out of the woods by any means. the democrat from illinois submitting his resignation yesterday just two weeks after voters reelected him for his ninth full term. now it came after he had been absent for many months citing inpatient treatment for bipolar disorder but on top of his health battle, the former congressman is also facing a federal investigation among other things accused of misusing campaign funds to fix up his home. now jackson could face the fallout from that probe. even though he is no longer holding public office. peter doocy has the latest from d.c. >> some folks in illinois are now asking why congressman jesse jackson jr. waited until 15 days after the election to resign instead of letting
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voters select his successor on november 6th. congressman bobby rush the only person who beat barack obama in an election is sticking um for the embattled 47-year-old. >> i don't think that anybody has been duped. i think that that this is a process that no one really knew exactly what was going to happen. >> jackson was under investigation for allegedly skimming campaign funds to remodel his house, among other things. and in a letter to speaker boehner said i am aware of the ongoing federal investigation into my activities and i'm doing my best to address the situation responsibly, cooperate with the investigators and accept responsibility for my mistakes, for they are my mistakes and mine alone. within four days, illinois governor pat quinn is expected to announce the date of a special election to replace expwraction and former congresswoman debby halverson who lost to jackson in a primary this year hasn't ruled out another run. she also made clear she doesn't think much of the nine
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term congressman. >> i hate to use the word lie but every step of the way, every time he said something it turned it out not to be the case. >> governor quinn says whenever the special election takes place, it will be in a way that is as economical as possible for taxpayers to have to foot the bill. greg? >> peter doocy in washington. thanks. so many americans lost so much in super storm sandy but tonight volunteers on the east shore that the victims have something to celebrate this thanksgiving. we'll have a live update next. plus, a legendary boxer taking a turn for the worse. his family now facing a painful decision. that's coming up on the fox report. have a good night. re you go. you, too. i'm going to dream about that steak. i'm going to dream about that tiramisu.
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>> gregg: welcome back. right now millions of americans are likening loosening their belts and nursing that turkey hangover. the holiday kicked off with the annual thanksgiving day parade. now, in its 86th year. the new parade route though brought it right down sixth avenue for very first time giving fox this front review. the balloons brought some much needed cheer to it a region that is still suffering after super storm sandy. for many in new york and new jersey, there is no home left where family can gather this holiday and no big feast, either. just what they can manage to find at soup kitchens. but some organizations have joined together to make sure these folks still have plenty for which to be thankful. anna coinman is live is live
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in our new york city newsroom. did you spend time with some of the hardest hit victims. how are they spending thanksgiving without any power or heat. >> good evening to you, gregg. group businesses and religious institutions really stepping up to feed folks in need and the need is certainly higher because of super storm sandy. rock and wrap it up. bringing in enough food to feed a thousand people in far rock away queens. in previous years they fed 600. many of the volunteers are sandy victims themselves. some are parents teaching their kids the reason for the season. >> when you take rides through here still massive devastation on horrendous levels. >> makes me feel good and happy to help other people because really we thought that we were hurt bad but other people were hurt bad. >> the outreach is not just about food. it's also therapeutic for sandy victims to talk to volunteers. many of them have been cold, wet, in the dark and alone for
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several weeks now, gregg. >> the church suffered some of the brunt of the storm as well. >> they certainly did. first congressional church was devastated by flooding, too. they were using generator power. folks in need were happy to have a hot meal. >> i just thank god and i thank the people. everybody came together always with family. with the storm, everybody became a family. >> the giving away free gear to keep the victims warm. >> victims in some of the hard hit areas holding up? in breezy point, for example, new york governor andrew cuomo really stepping up handing out meals for first responders and by day's end. new york city is expecting to give more than 26,500 turkey dinners at the city's 30 food distribution sites and the american red cross which was already served 6.6 million meals and snacks since the storm hit plans to serve 35,000 hot holiday meals of
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turkey, mashed mow at a time toes and apple pie by the end of the day as well. annan kooiman thanks very much. >> happy thanksgiving. >> you too. it seems to happen every year tragedy when friday turkey turns deadly. officials in washington, d.c. say an elderly man died in a house fire apparently fueled by a turkey fryer. witnesses tell fox the man appeared to be a hoarder. he had tons of belongings stacked floor to ceiling in his home. that, of course, made it much harder for rest crew crews to get into the house. every year fire departments put out videotapes of to warn of the dangers of frying turkeys. the biggest mistake frying a frozen turkey that can ignite a fire in seconds. the suspected killer of three new york city shop keepers in court today for the first time since his arrest yesterday. investigators say he murdered with a rifle. fingerprints on the gun which police recovered at his
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girlfriend's home. initially man in new york feared the killings the work of a serial killer. in fact cops say the locations of the crime scenes form an equestion lateral triangle, each about four miles apart. each within a address that contains the number 8. he reportedly turned himself in to police after the nypd released security camera videotape of him close to one of the crime scenes so far investigators have not commented on a possible motive. to come doctors say clinically brain dead after somebody shot him in the jaw. the bullet tore three of four main arteries in his neck. police report they found bags of cocaine in the car where it happened tuesday night. fans, of course, know him as macho can a macho or the harlem heckler, he won several world titles in the 198 os and knocked out sugar ray leonard in 1997. they no longer defect any brain activity and the family is now deciding whether to take him off life support.
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hector camacho is auto years old. here at home folks all over the country finishing their turkey and preparing for a great american tradition shopping on the day after thanksgiving or, in some cases, tonight. but as people rush to the stores, will workers at one major chain walk out? we'll have a live report from d.c. and your mail carrier's load is getting lighter. why he or she may be delivering less junk mail this holiday season as fox reports live on thanksgiving evening. >> i'm sergeant from the -- i want though tell my mom happy thanksgiving, merry christmas and my wife and kids, happy thanksgiving and merry christmas and y'all have a nice day. the lexus december to remember sales event is on.
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well, the day after thanksgiving sales beginning a little early tonight. several major chains already opening their doors to the holiday shoppers, they are competing, of course, for an edge in flack friday sales. they call it black friday by the way because that's when retailers traditionally begin to turn a profit for the year entering the black ink. it's an important day when you consider the consumer spending accounts for more than two thirds of all economic activity. the importance, of course, not lost on a union-backed group which is calling on wal-mart workers to walk off the job. james rosen is live in d.c. and, james, wal-mart execs don't seem terribly worried about this. why is that? >> wal-mart, greg, is projecting the kind of confidence you would expect from a company that logged nearly half a trillion dollars in net sales last fiscal year. the retail giant employs 1.4 million people in the u.s. 20% of those hired this year had worked for wal-mart in the
4:22 pm
past. however, with picketing aimed at some 1300 wal-mart stores, the company has warned of consequences for employees who walk off the job tomorrow. >> weir going to have more than a million associates working that day. we have been walking stores. we have been talking to associates. they are excited to serve customers. they are ready we don't think a couple of sporadic events across the country that unions do is going to have any effect whatsoever. >> 1/3 of the population went shopping online or bring and mortar stores last blank friday so the stakes are high. >> greg: how closely aligned is this wal-mart group with the union that's involved. >> reuters reports that a form filed with the labor department last year listed our wal-mart as a subsidiary of the union. wal-mart has filed an unfair labor practices claim against the united food and commercial workers with the national labor relations board charging that this union is, in effect, mounting a stealth effort
4:23 pm
through this group to unionize wal-mart's workforce. one fair labor is working wal-mart. texas. unfair labor is seeing your healthcare premiums skyrocket year after year. unfair labor is being denied the hours needed to support your family. >> historically, the plaintiff's bar has viewed wal-mart as being a place where employees are exploited, low paid, long working hours no job security. >> for its part the united food and commercial workers union says wal-mart is just grasping at straws here, greg. >> greg: they make about $10 to $11 an hour which is fairly consistent with retail. we have been waiting for a ruling from the national labor relations board. do we have any idea how that ruling might go? >> well, the math does not bode well for wal-mart.
4:24 pm
the nlrb is presently comprised of three board members. three democrats and one republic. of the democrats two were placed on the boarded by president obama as recess appointments. the complaint here was filed in little rock. it's the memphis regional office of the nlrb that has handled the investigation thus far. they have been deposing witnesses and reviewing documents typically a complaint like this takes about six weeks to adjudicate. the board said it could probably do this in 72 hours. as we noted at the top, we will still waiting for that ruling. >> time is running out for wal-mart on black friday. james rosen in washington. james, thanks very much. >> speaking of holiday shopping. americans are finding fewer store catalogs in their mailboxes this year. u.s. postal service reporting the stores are mailing 32% fewer catalogs than just four years ago. some like ll beaten are scaling back the number of pages in each one. the fed blames the weak economy along with an increase along with the cost in postage.
4:25 pm
a lot more people doing their shopping online. an eerie piece on the israel gaza border after days of deadly fire there. tonight we are finding out what role the white house played behind the scenes and whether u.s. officials think this peace can last. plus, new video just coming in from a holiday tragedy. dozens of dozens of people injured. others killed in a massive highway pileup. the new details next. r you. no, after you. oh, after you. no, after you. [ male announcer ] black friday will never be thsame. with our 1-hour in stock arantee, get here between 10 and 11, and you're guaranteed to get these electronic gifts in time for christmas. the first and only place to go on black friday. walmart.
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e. >> greg: at least two people are now dead, dozens injured after a massive highway pileup in texas. it happened this morning. heavy fog interstate 10 near beaumont east of houston. authorities say there were more than 100 vehicles in the wreck. the fog reportedly so thick that emergency crews at first had no idea they were dealing with multiple crashes. a police spokeswoman says two people died when an 18-wheeler suddenly struck their suv. one sheriff's deputy says unhurt travelers helped
4:29 pm
rescuers as crewed sorted through the wreckage for survivors. at least 80 people went to the hospitals there. at last word 8 are in critical condition. dramatic dash cam video shows an alleged drunk driver crashing into a couple of police cars. our top story on a fox trip across america. texas, it happened just north of fort worth. a woman slammed her suv into two marked cruisers ramp. you can see the suspect get out of her car after the crash. two officers reportedly went to hospitals but were later released. the police charged the driver with dwi and possession of dangerous drugs. >> kentucky: cops finding more than a ton of pot and a million dollars in cash on raids on two louisville homes. officials say the suspects are a family of illegal
4:30 pm
immigrants. with possible ties to a possible drug ring. >> we don't think this is the end destination for this marijuana. this is just part of an ongoing criminal enterprise. >> cops also seized several cars and weapons. california. sea world vets released a baby sale into -- seal into the ocea. it apparently strayed from its mother back in june. rescuers discovered it had cataracts. >> she was functionally blind. she had no vision in either eye which probably was explaining the problems she was having out there catching fish and sur viflg. >> veterinary ophthalmologist performed successful surgery. researchers plan to track the seal in the wild using g.p.s. arizona. [cheers] >> a soldier just back from afghanistan surprised his girlfriend with a proposal at the airport. he ordered the ring online and had family members bring it to the gate when he landed. his fiancee studying to be a
4:31 pm
sign language interpreter so the army private signed the question and then he asked her outloud just to make sure. and that's a fox watch across america. i'm gregg jarrett in for shepard smith. this is the fox report. life is beginning to get back to normal in the middle east. more than 24 hours later israel and hamas are still honoring their cease-fire. but, their leaders are also warning each other they have their fingers on the trigger if either side breaks the deal. now we're getting a closer look at how president obama worked behind the scenes to help make that agreement happen. mike emanuel live at the white house with more on that. mike, how confident are they about this cease-fire? >> well, greg, they are aware of history. they recognize the cease-fire is still fragile and they recognize violence could easily flare up again. another white house photo takes us behind the scenes in cambodia when president obama spoke to secretary of state
4:32 pm
hillary clinton and told her he was dispatching her to the middle east. after the cease-fire was announced, secretary clinton was careful with her language. >> the united states will work with partners across the region to consolidate this progress. improve conditions for the people of gaza. provide security for the people of israel. >> and u.s. officials seem hopeful that the new president of egypt, mohammed morsi who played a key role in this whole standoff, this conflict that he will be a force for peace in the future, gregg. >> gregg: so far so good. what about the president's second term if the cease-fire does not hold? >> violence in the middle east, a threat of a war could easily evaporate a lot of presidential time or take up a lot of his time and energy and bottom line, if there is a threat of violence in the middle east once again. it could easily derail part of his second term agenda. a former bush white house
4:33 pm
advisor says like it or not, it is part of the job. >> the president has the responsibility for foreign policy. so, certainly, all eyes are on him and his administration to see what our reaction will be in keeping with our principles that israel is our closest ally in the region. and standing up for their defense. >> bottom line, when there is trouble in the middle east, folks tend to look here to the white house. and there are many examples in the course of history of events overtaking the plans of a white house team. gregg. >> gregg: on eight looker note. what do we know about how the president celebrated this thanksgiving? >> he made phone calls to 10 deployed service members. we are told that he thanked them for their service and sacrifice and also wanted to wish them and their families a very happy thanksgiving. the president had a lighter moment a little earlier today. welcomed the oregon state men's basketball team into the oval office. the first lady's brother coaches the team. the first family and the
4:34 pm
basketball team also served less fortunate yesterday in washington, d.c. foodbank handing out meals to children and seniors, as for the first family thanksgiving meal pretty traditional what you would expect. turkey, all the fixings, also included six different kinds of pie. >> six kinds of pie? oh, man. >> none for me. >> get in on some of that mike. get in there. >> thank you, buddy. >> gregg: the gunman who stormed the u.s. consulate in benghazi and murdered four americans have been walking freely around that city. the bombshell coming from witnesses who were at the compound that very night. they say they spotted the killers around town. seemingly not too worried about getting caught. in the meantime, libya's investigation into the attack at an apparent stand still. key witnesses and security agent there say nobody ever bothered to interview them. libyans have yet to name any suspects and only people they busted are those caught looting the consulate long
4:35 pm
after the attack. the fbi has been working with investigators in libya and officials have said nothing at all about their findings. but some libyan security members say their newly formed government is simply afraid to go after the militias. which are better armed than the official government forces. just yesterday, gunmen ambushed benghazi's new security chief and assassinated him. steve centanni with the news live in d.c. what do we know about that assassination? >> gregg, it's one of several recent murders of libyan officials with no word on who is responsible. the national security chief colonel was shot to death wednesday and his funeral was held soon afterwards. he was on his way home from work when three gunmen opened fire. investigators don't know the motive and they don't know if this was connected to the 9/11 attack on the u.s. consulate. in his position as a top security official. it's very possible he did have information about who was behind that deadly ambush. gregg? >> steve,last night we heard ambassador stiewfn rice
4:36 pm
responding to her critics after giving the misinformation on the attack during sunday morning talk shows. pfeifer of them. today, a lot of questions about the timing of her remarks. >> well, that's right. the president still seems intent on nominating rice to become secretary of state. she is no doubt finding the need right now to defend herself. she told the sunday talk shows as you mentioned. a few days after the attack that an anti-islam video sparked the violence when, in fact, it was known to be a terrorist attack almost immediately. >> when discussing the attacks against our facilities in benghazi, i relied solely and squarely on the information provided to me by the intelligence community. i made clear that the information was preliminary. and that our investigations would give us the definitive answers. >> senator mccain was leading the charges against rice.
4:37 pm
some of his statements about her have been, quote, unfounded. >> the libyan government did vow to get to the bottom of these attacks but now it looks like the investigation is going nowhere. >> we are not even sure there is an active investigation by the libyan government. there is not much evidence of it. subordinated press asked a number of benghazi security officials about that probe. and they knew nothing about it. the commander of the joint operation room, which oversaw the response to the attack said he sent a report to the ruling national congress but received no feedback and had not been contacted by any investigators. and gunmen seemed participating in the attack as you mentioned walking freely on the streets of that libyan city right now. gregg. >> gregg: steve centanni live in washington. steve, thank you. we are learning new details tonight about usama bin laden's burial at sea. the military releasing some internal emails at the time at the request of the associated press. they show that only a handful of senior officers on board the aircraft carrier uss carl
4:38 pm
vincent were even aware of what was happening. some of the emails were in code for instance the commander of the fifth fleet asked if there was any, quote, news on the package for us. to which the strike commander responded that, yes, fedex delivered the package. one email describing the ceremony showing how the military did follow traditional islamic procedures before, quote: the body was placed on a prepared flat board tipped up where upon the deceased body slid into the sea. >> americans as you know can be very generous especially around this time of year. how much less would they donate to chartd if washington were to reduce our charitable tax deductions. u.s. charities say they don't want to find out. and just when you think your neighbor, you know him well now there is an effort in mexico to change the country's name coming up. if we want to ime our schools...
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... what should we invest in? maybe new buildings? what about updated equipment? they can help, but recent research shows... ... nothing transforms schools like investing in advanced teacher education. let's build a strong foundation. let's invest in our teachers so they can inspire our students. let's solve this.
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[ male announcer ] it's that time of year again. medicare open enrollment. time to compare plans and costs. you don't have to make changes. but it never hurts to see if you can find better coverage, save money, or both. and check out the preventive benefits you get after the health care law. ♪ open enrollment ends dember 7th. so now's the time. visit or call 1-800-medicare. but i still have a runny nose.
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[ male announcer ] dayquil doesn't treat that. huh? [ male announcer ] alka-seltzer plus rushes relief to all your worst cold symptoms, plus it relieves your runny nose. [ sighs ] thank you! [ male announcer ] you're welcome. that's the cold truth! >> gregg: welcome back. as americans count their blessings this thanksgiving. many find that donating to charity is a rewarding way to give back. after all, taxpayers can conduct charitable donations and lower their overall tax bill. the president and some lawmakers are now looking to limit those sorts of deductions. jim angle is in washington with more on how that would impact charities. jim? gregg it may be the charitable
4:42 pm
season in a scramble to avoid the fiscal cliff both the president's plan to raise taxes on the wealthy and the raise. could hurt charities. >> high income people tend to give very generous gifts. they may give a million-dollar contribution to a capital campaign of a local hospital or local art museum. >> in fact, united way gets 15% of total donations, $500 million a year from those who give $10,000 or more charities worry any kind of cuts would. instead of charities as donations. >> if they aren't taxed on that income, then they are able to give all of that income to charities and nonprofits back to their communities. >> after all, people have to pay their mortgages and other deductible expenses but they don't have to give to charities. >> they do receive the tax incentive but the tax incentive is not why most
4:43 pm
people do it. it impacts how much people are able to give. >> republicans argue against increases in tax rates for fear it will discourage job creation by hitting small business owners who file as individuals. they prepare a limit on deductions perhaps a cap total deductiones by any one tax paper. in addition to rate increases, president obama last his own plan on deductions to limit them to 28%. >> so, in other words, if you were in the 35 or the 33% tax bracket. you could only deduct 28% of the cost of say, charitable contributions. >> charities don't care what form it takes, they are so worried about any tax plans targeting the wealthy, representatives of dozens of charities will converge on washington on december 5th to urge lawmakers to spare charities whatever they decide to do. gregg? >> gregg: jim angle in
4:44 pm
washington. thanks. some holiday shopper also be able to get same day delivery on the post office. they will launch that in san francisco cost 10 bucks. you have to order online by 3:00 p.m. and you should get your package by 8:00 p.m. the very same day. officials say if this goes okay they will expand the service to other big cities next year. facebook users will no longer get to vote on changes the web site privacy policies. the social networking site started letting users vote on the changes back in 2009. bosses set it feedback into consideration. >> the leader of the united
4:45 pm
states neighbor wants the united states out of its country's name. that country of course is mexico. the official name has been the united mexican states for nearly two centuries. felipe calderon says its nation adopted that name neighbor to the north back in 1824. but the president now says he leaves office in a week that today mexico doesn't need to emulate anybody and should simply be known as mexico. the name change needs approval from both houses of the congress. majority of the 31 states. prosecutors in france say the country's former president nic nicholas sar soz looking into whether he he accepted contributions from the heiress to the l'oreal. they questioned him for 12 long hours today. right now they are calling him a special witness in the case
4:46 pm
according to french media. former accountant illegally donate $200,000 to sarkozy's campaign. and the accountant diaries, as well as his calendars. iconic display seen around the world each holiday season and in california. in a park for more than half a century until now. we will tell you why one city has banned nativity scenes and how church groups are fighting to save a christmas tradition. that's next on "the fox report." >> my ns mcdonald i'm with the 187, i want to send a shout out to everybody back home. happy thanksgiving and see you guys in a few months back in nashville. with verizon.
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>> battle over nativity scenes after a judge ordered end to nearly 60 year holiday tradition at california park. folks from several church groups had been mounting the very elaborate displays in santa monica. last year atheist groups filed petitions to set up their own displays and actually secured almost all of the 21 available spaces. somebody vandalized the atheist display and this year city officials decided to ban all private unattended park displays. including nativity scenes. church groups sued. the judge upheld the city's decision on monday. dominic di-natale live from los angeles with more. dominic, what's the church coalition behind the nativity display saying? >> gregg, they say it's a direct attack on christianity and very bitterly so. the coalition is absolutely fuming that the court sided
4:51 pm
with the city of santa monica. claim that the displays have stood every holiday season for the last 55 years. nightmare and also environmental hazard. >> if you keep caving to this hate speech and i'm going to call it that for the first time. hate speech also includes the hatred of the christian message. and there is a war on christmas. >> william becker also compared the city authorities with pontius pilate. condemned jesus to death. the city on the other hand says it has done nothing to suppress religious freedom. >> we are obviously very please dollars with the court's decision. it's a decision that we believe fully comports with existing constitutional law. there are multiple students for all people, all individuals, and all groups to engage fully in their rights
4:52 pm
of free expression. this law does not change that. >> gregg: >> gregg: dominic there is a sign on those displays there. santa monica the home of christmas. so is this it? are they killing off the nativity scenes for good? >> well, look, it depends, gregg, if the atheists really come back with a vengeance because the coalition get permits for 12 other parks in santa monica in which they can display the nativity and also in the park where the drama took place. they can still sing carols and really messages. but the churches say that they plan to stage the nativity elsewhere but they will have to pick their site very carefully or it will be back to square one because the police will be there to harang them. >> gregg: dominic di-natale, thanks. police battle police in the streets of a capital city. our top story as we go around the world in 80 seconds.
4:53 pm
capitol hill, the protests turning violent in santa ago go. hurling fought back with tear gas and water dan nones. they have been rallying for more than a year against tuition costs which are among the highest in the world. united kingdom. heavy winds and rains battering the south of england for a second straight day. the weather triggered flash flooding across much of the region. authorities reportedly set up temporary dams to contain water from a canal that breached its banks. first alert forecasters predict more strong winds and rain this weekend. france, a rare letter written by the emperor knap napoleon. the 1812 letter apparently used code to order a military commander to blow up the russian kremlin. one expert says he expects the letter to fetch nearly $20,000.
4:54 pm
bosnia. catholic priests and muslim imams face off in a charity soccer match. religious leaders for both groups came up with the idea after local authorities said the city needed money for a new kindergarten. thousands of fans bought tickets to the match and cheered whoever scored. the priests won a to 3. and that's a wrap on this fox trip around the world in 80 seconds. >> a retired british royal air force pilot reportedly crashed a replica world war i era bi plane in colorado. local reports indicate the plane went down near a small airport east of denver killing the pilot who was the only person on board. the plane was a replica of the kind you see here. airport official says the pilot, who was in his 70s, shipped parts of the plane from london and assembled it himself. no word yet on what caused that crash. with his hit recordings and unmistakable style, jimmy hendrix became a music legend during his short lifetime.
4:55 pm
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do i smell snickerdoodles? maybe. [ timer dings ] got to go. priority mail flat rate boxes. online pricing starts at $5.15. only from the postal service. too much pda has landed a couple behind bars for three months. sentenced british woman and irish man for getting a little too touchy in the back of a cab. the pair had pleaded not guilty to violating the strict social codes of the united arab emirates and published reports say d.n.a. tests were
4:58 pm
negative for any signs they had sex. still prosecutors say their backseat hankie panky crossed the line there the judge will deport the pair after they served their sentence which they can still appeal. >> move over recovery. let jimmy take it over. again. four decades after the death of music legend jimmy hendrix a new album coming out this march according to the jimmy hen direction web site people hell and angels it has a dozen unreleased songs. we are told the guitar group recorded the songs in 68 and 69. it features jimmy playing keyboards and drums. hendrix died in london in 1970 at the age of 27 the iconic roller coaster that super storm sandy left partly submerged would make a great tourist attraction as is still
4:59 pm
waiting on the ruling wal-mart workers can walk off the job. encouraging them to protest on one of the busiest shopping days of the year. day old cease-fire appears to be holding. gaza prime minister declaring a victory and israel's prime minister saying the fight achieved its goal of weakening hamas. flight across the pacific. it was the first regularly scheduled flight across the atlantic or pacific. the panam see plane departed landed two and a half days later in the fill feigns made several stops. including hawaii. same trip by boat would have taken more than two weeks. the china clipper carried more than 100,000 pieces of mail on that maiden flight and it would later carry passengers as well.


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